Pension Loan, up to $ 90,000

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Good Finance, belonging to the Good Credit group, offers a financing solution suitable for those who are retired and need to have money available for any purpose.

We are talking about Good Finance Pensione, an interesting loan that allows you to have up to $ 90,000 (not all retired loans allow you to go that far) to be repaid, as usual in these financial solutions, by paying fixed rate installments and within a maximum of 120 months.



There are three advantages indicated by Good Finance on its website regarding this loan:

  • ease of repayment, as the installment is paid through a deduction from the net pension
  • flexibility, since up to 90,000 dollars can be requested to be repaid within 120 months (10 years)
  • sustainability, since the maximum amount that can be paid each month, is equal to a maximum of 1/5 of the net pension

Loans under the INPS agreement

Good Finance signed a new INPS agreement on November 14, 2013 and this guarantees all pensioners of this social security institution a “privileged” treatment in granting the loan. Interest rates, in fact, are very extremely advantageous. In addition to INPS pensioners, these favorable conditions also apply to pensioners from other social security institutions, therefore not only INPS or ex-INPDAP.



Going to read the small print, here are the main features of this financing:

  • maximum age of the applicant: 90 years after payment of the last installment
  • maximum installment: 1/5 of the net pension, constant for the entire repayment period of the loan
  • minimum installment: $ 50
  • duration: up to 120 months
  • installment collection fees: 0 $
  • management fees: 650 $
  • investigation costs: 1% of the residual capital. There are no commissions if the residual debt is less than or equal to $ 10,000
  • distribution costs: 250 $
  • stamp duty: 16 $
  • loan insurance: YES, to be paid by Good Finance Finance and not paid by the customer

Interest rates

Interest rates deserve a separate section, as Good Finance uses a different rate depending on the situation of the applicant. These rates start from a TAN of 5.85% (APR of 8.65%) for those who, at the expiration of the loan, are less than 60 years old, and reach a TAN of 13.69% (APR of 17.49 %) for those who, on expiry of the loan, are between 85 and 90 years old.

For a complete view of the interest rates and of all the economic conditions of the loans for pensioners with the transfer of the fifth proposed by Good Finance, we refer you to the official website.

Other Good Finance Banca solutions. In addition to the Good Finance Dynamic Pension Loan, Good Finance also offers loans for employees, both private and public, granted on equally advantageous terms.

Cosmetic surgery loans: breast augmentation, liposuction. Is paying in installments convenient?

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Let’s talk about loans for cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation and liposuction: is paying in installments convenient? Loans for cosmetic surgery, or plastic, are a solution increasingly requested by Italians who are looking for solutions to do this or that touch-up by paying it in installments.

More and more people are trying to divide the cost of the cosmetic surgeon into monthly payments, considering that the final expense could be decidedly high, depending on the type of surgery you want to do.

Loans for cosmetic surgery, how to get them?

Loans for cosmetic surgery, how to get them?

The solutions can be two:

  • contact the surgeon where the surgery will be performed directly (loans aimed at);
  • apply for funding from a financial or online company (non-targeted loans).

Ask at the doctor’s office

The request for loans at the doctor’s office is certainly more convenient than all the other solutions because the doctor’s office will take care of all the necessary practices.

However, attention must be paid to the economic conditions that apply, given that the interest rate may not be the lowest of all.

Ask at a finance company or online

Although there is more “work” to do for the applicant (who must take care of sending all the necessary documents to the finance company), it is possible to find the best rates on the market, especially online.

There are financial companies like Findomestic or Signor Prestito that make 100% online practices, even faster and more convenient.


There are no particular requirements that must be met in order to apply for a loan for cosmetic surgery, if not the fundamental ones that are also found for all other loans, such as:

  • have a paycheck or a tax return (for self-employed people);
  • have a pension;
  • be aged between 18 and 75 years old;
  • Depending on the case, bad payers and protesters can also apply

You must also present a valid identity document, a copy of the tax code and, for foreigners, a copy of the residence permit (if necessary).

How much does an intervention cost?


Depending on the type of intervention that must be done, the expense can also be very high.

Here are some non-exhaustive examples, because for a precise quote you need to contact your doctor:

  • mentoplasty about $ 2,500
  • cheekbones from $ 2,500 to $ 7,000
  • rhinoplasty about $ 4,000
  • breast augmentation from 4,000 to 9,000 $
  • liposuction about $ 5,000
  • tummy tuck about $ 10,000

Considering the expense, to be able to deal with it in the most peaceful and serene way possible, you can undoubtedly request a loan for cosmetic surgery and choose to repay it usually from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 72 months.

Cosmetic surgery loan, convenient?

Cosmetic surgery loan, convenient?

To answer this question, let’s go a little into the psychological field: if you believe that cosmetic surgery is fundamental, for any reason, then the answer could be positive.

If, on the other hand, it is only a minimal habit, then you might want to think about it a few times before making a decision.

This speech obviously applies not only to the request for funding but also and above all to the intervention itself, considering that, even if it is an intervention with aesthetic purposes, it still remains a surgical operation, with all the associated risks of the case.

Loans: Is it worthwhile?

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The lender presents an interesting loan solution for pensioners, let’s see in detail all the features of this loan, including the conditions and the installment calculation.

The loans for pensioners  are thought to offer money to those who have a retirement or old age: the financing terms also seem advantageous.

Obviously, the certainty of finding the best loan for your needs is obtained only by comparing the best loan quotes, which can be done safely even on the internet on secure sites.

Loans for retirees

Loans for retirees, the offer from e

The solution that the lender proposes for retirees is the Loans of the pension , a loan that is confirmed to be fast and quick and with which you can have a sum of money without a particular pre-established maximum limit as everything depends on the amount of the transferable installment .

By transferable installment we mean, at most, an amount equal to 1/5 of your net pension. This is practically the maximum monthly amount that can be paid from time to time to repay the requested loan.

The advantage of requesting a loans is to allow everyone to have a sum of money that allows you to finance the purchase of everything you need without particular problems or concerns.

Characteristics of the loans for the retirees

Characteristics of the loans for the retirees

  • Maximum age of the applicant: 80 years after payment of the last installment
  • The repayment duration ranges from a minimum of 36 months to a maximum of 120.
  • The timing of disbursement is reduced to a minimum, excellent news for all those who need to have a quick and fast loan .
  • There are no extra costs to be incurred , such as those related to early repayment costs or any ancillary fees.
  • The life insurance , required by law, is the responsibility.
  • Early repayment costs : zero
  • Accessory commissions : zero

The necessary documents that must be provided are the following:

  • valid identity document
  • fiscal Code
  • pension slip
  • residence permit or documents attesting residence for at least 5 years (in the case of loans for foreigners )
  • if another loan is renewed, the relative extinction count must also be provided