As technology advances, so does our ability to study and track wildlife. However, as recent studies have shown, the use of tracking devices on migratory birds may have negative impacts on their survival.

Tracking Devices and Migratory Birds


Tracking devices, also known as telemetry, are used to study the behavior and movements of wildlife. These devices are attached to an animal and transmit data that can be used to track their movements, migration patterns, and other important information.

However, recent studies have found that the use of tracking devices on migratory birds may have negative impacts on their survival. A study conducted by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands found that the use of tracking devices on Eurasian spoonbills reduced their survival rates by 16% compared to birds without tracking devices.

The use of tracking devices can also impact the birds’ behavior and migration patterns. A study conducted by the University of Massachusetts found that the use of tracking devices on songbirds caused them to alter their migration patterns and delay their departure from breeding grounds.

Bird Control Devices

Bird control device on a pole

Birds can also become a nuisance for humans, causing damage to crops, buildings, and other structures. To address this issue, bird control devices have been developed to deter birds from these areas.

One such device is the AVIX Autonomic, which uses lasers to create a temporary discomfort for birds, causing them to fly away from the area. This device has been successful in reducing bird damage in areas such as Niagara Falls.

Birds Tracking Devices

Birds tracking device

Tracking devices are not only used to study migratory birds, but also to track birds in general. The use of tracking devices can provide important information about bird behavior, migration patterns, and other important ecological data.

There are a variety of tracking devices available for birds, including GPS and satellite trackers. These devices can be attached to the bird using a collar or backpack, and transmit data that can be used to track the bird’s movements.

Altruism in Birds?

Magpie birds on a fence

Magpies, a species of bird known for their intelligence, have recently been observed displaying altruistic behavior towards their own kind. In a study conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, magpies were observed helping their injured or ill flock members.

The magpies were observed bringing food and water to their sick or injured flock members, and even defending them from predators. This behavior has been observed in other animal species, but is relatively rare in birds.


Q: Can tracking devices be harmful to migratory birds?

A: Yes, recent studies have shown that the use of tracking devices on migratory birds can reduce their survival rates and impact their behavior and migration patterns.

Q: What is the AVIX Autonomic?

A: The AVIX Autonomic is a bird control device that uses lasers to deter birds from areas where they may be causing damage.


Overall, tracking devices and other technology can be valuable tools for studying and understanding wildlife. However, it is important to consider the potential impacts these devices may have on the animals themselves. Additionally, new technologies such as bird control devices can be effective in mitigating human-wildlife conflicts.

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Bird Control Device Proves to Eliminate Bird Damage in Niagara

Bird Control Device Proves To Eliminate Bird Damage In Niagara

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