CMAS, or Commercial Mobile Alert System, is an alert system designed to warn citizens in the United States of potential dangers in their area. The system operates on a national basis, meaning that any citizen with a compatible mobile device can receive alerts about nearby hazards, including extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, and other hazardous situations.

What are CMAS alerts?


CMAS alerts are specific warnings issued through the Commercial Mobile Alert System. These alerts are designed to inform and update citizens about current hazardous situations in their area. CMAS alerts are delivered to mobile devices that are compatible with the system, typically through text messages or alerts on the device’s screen. These alerts are sent out by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and delivered to people’s mobile devices through their local cellular service providers.

CMAS alerts are prioritized based on the level of danger they represent. There are three types of CMAS alerts:

  • Presidential alerts: These are the most serious alerts that can be issued through the CMAS system. They are issued by the President of the United States and typically involve a nationwide threat to public safety or security.
  • Imminent threat alerts: These alerts are issued for situations that pose an immediate threat to public safety, such as severe weather events or hazardous material spills.
  • Ambiguous threat alerts: These alerts are issued for situations where the danger is not immediately clear or where there is a significant amount of uncertainty. These alerts can be used, for example, to inform people about reported sightings of suspicious individuals or vehicles in their area.

How do I activate CMAS alerts on my consumer cellular phone?

Consumer Cellular Phone

To activate CMAS alerts on your Consumer Cellular phone, you will need to access your phone’s settings menu and search for “Emergency alerts” or “Wireless alerts.” Depending on your phone model, you may need to navigate to the “Wireless & networks” section of your settings menu to find this option.

Once you have located the emergency alerts or wireless alerts settings, you can choose to enable or disable CMAS alerts. If you have any concerns about the types of alerts you will receive or the frequency with which they will be sent, you can adjust these settings to customize your alert preferences.

What is the purpose of the Commercial Mobile Alert System?

Commercial Mobile Alert System

The Commercial Mobile Alert System was established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in response to the Warning, Alert, and Response Network (WARN) Act of 2006. The purpose of the system is to provide timely and life-saving information to citizens about imminent threats to public safety. CMAS was designed with the goal of enhancing public safety by providing people with access to critical information during emergency situations.

Through the CMAS system, citizens can receive alerts about a wide range of hazards, including severe weather, natural disasters, and other hazardous situations. These alerts are designed to provide people with timely information so that they can take necessary actions to protect themselves, their families, and their property. By providing citizens with real-time information about potential hazards, the CMAS system has the potential to save countless lives and prevent extensive property damage.


What types of emergency situations will trigger CMAS alerts?

CMAS alerts can be issued for a wide range of hazardous situations, including severe weather events, natural disasters, and other threats to public safety. Presidential alerts are typically reserved for the most serious situations, such as terrorist attacks or widespread public safety emergencies. Imminent threat alerts and ambiguous threat alerts can be issued for a variety of situations, including severe weather events, hazardous material spills, and other events that pose an immediate or potential threat to public safety.

Will I receive CMAS alerts on my non-mobile device?

No, CMAS alerts are designed to be delivered exclusively to mobile devices that are compatible with the system. This means that if you own a non-mobile device such as a tablet or a laptop, you will not receive CMAS alerts on that device. However, you may still be able to receive alerts through other means, such as through local news broadcasts or emergency alert notifications on television.


The Commercial Mobile Alert System is an essential tool for public safety in the United States. Through the system, citizens can receive critical information about hazardous situations in their area and take necessary actions to protect themselves and their families. By activating CMAS alerts on your Consumer Cellular phone and staying up-to-date with local emergency alerts, you can help to ensure your safety in the face of potential threats.