Consumer Cellular is a popular wireless service provider that is known for its affordable plans and reliable network coverage. If you are looking for an alternative to the big carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, Consumer Cellular could be the perfect choice for you. In this article, we will explore some of the key features and benefits of Consumer Cellular, as well as answer some frequently asked questions. So, let’s dive in!

Consumer Cellular Plans


One of the most appealing aspects of Consumer Cellular is its range of affordable and flexible plans. Whether you are a light user who only needs a few hundred minutes per month, or a heavy data user who wants unlimited everything, Consumer Cellular has a plan that will suit your needs. Here are some of the most popular Consumer Cellular plans:

  • Talk Only: This plan starts at just $15 per month and includes 250 minutes of talk time. If you need more minutes, you can upgrade to the $20 or $25 plans, which offer 750 and unlimited minutes, respectively.
  • Talk and Text: For those who don’t need data, the Talk and Text plan is a great option. Prices start at just $20 per month for 250 minutes and unlimited texts. The $25 and $30 plans offer 750 and unlimited minutes, respectively, as well as unlimited texts.
  • Shared Data: If you need data for your smartphone, Consumer Cellular offers a range of shared data plans that allow you to share data between multiple devices. Prices start at just $30 per month for 500MB of data, and you can add additional data in 1GB increments for just $10 per month. There are also unlimited data plans available starting at $60 per month.

Adding Photos to Text Messages

Consumer Cellular Link: Adding Photos to Text Messages (9 of 14)

If you are new to Consumer Cellular, you might be wondering how to add photos to your text messages. Fortunately, it’s a very simple process. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Messages app on your smartphone
  2. Create a new message by tapping the “New Message” button
  3. Tap the camera icon to add a photo
  4. Select the photo you want to send from your camera roll
  5. Enter the recipient’s phone number or select them from your contacts
  6. Tap the “Send” button to send the message with the photo

That’s it! Your recipient will receive the text message with the photo attached.

Consumer Cellular AARP Discount

Consumer Cellular AARP Discount

If you are an AARP member, you can take advantage of a special discount on Consumer Cellular plans. AARP members can get 5% off their monthly service fee, as well as a 30% discount on accessories. This can add up to significant savings over the course of a year.

Consumer Cellular Coverage

Consumer Cellular Offers Cheap, No-Nonsense Access to AT&T’s Cellular

Another important factor to consider when choosing a wireless provider is network coverage. Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T network, which is one of the largest and most reliable networks in the country. This means that you can expect to have good coverage in most areas, especially in urban and suburban areas.

Consumer Cellular Outages and Issues

Is Consumer Cellular currently down?

Like any wireless provider, Consumer Cellular can sometimes experience outages and issues. If you are experiencing problems with your service, the first step is to check the Consumer Cellular website or social media channels for any updates or notifications. You can also contact Customer Support for assistance.


1. Does Consumer Cellular charge activation fees?

No, Consumer Cellular does not charge activation fees for new lines of service. However, if you are transferring your existing phone number to Consumer Cellular, there may be a one-time fee of $20.

2. Can I bring my own phone to Consumer Cellular?

Yes, you can bring your own unlocked GSM phone to Consumer Cellular. However, not all phones are compatible with the Consumer Cellular network, so it’s important to check with the company before making any purchases.


Overall, Consumer Cellular is a great option for anyone who is looking for an affordable and reliable wireless provider. With a range of flexible plans, good network coverage, and excellent customer service, Consumer Cellular has something for everyone. Whether you are a senior looking for an AARP discount, a light user who only needs a few hundred minutes per month, or a heavy data user who wants unlimited everything, Consumer Cellular has a plan that will suit your needs. So, why not give Consumer Cellular a try today?

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