AARP Cell Phone Plans Discounts for Seniors


As we age, keeping in touch with loved ones becomes more important than ever. Fortunately, AARP members can take advantage of special deals on cell phone plans through providers like Consumer Cellular.

Consumer Cellular offers AARP members a discounted rate on their phone plans, along with a range of specialized features like jitterbug phones for seniors who struggle with technology, and emergency response devices like the Ally.

Consumer Cellular Vs. TracFone – Which Carrier is Better?

Consumer Cellular Vs. TracFone - Which Carrier is Better?

When it comes to choosing a cell phone carrier, there are a lot of options out there. Two popular choices are Consumer Cellular and Tracfone. So, which one is better?

Consumer Cellular is known for their great deals for senior citizens, while Tracfone offers flexible plans with no contracts. Both carriers offer a range of devices, including smartphones, flip phones, and tablets.

Ultimately, the best choice comes down to individual needs and preferences. Consider factors like coverage in your area, the features you need, and the amount of data you plan to use each month.

Consumer Cellular Ally – Your Personal Emergency Response Device

Consumer Cellular Ally - Your Personal Emergency Response Device

The Consumer Cellular Ally is a powerful tool for older adults who want to feel more secure when they’re out and about. This personal emergency response device connects to Consumer Cellular’s cellular network, allowing you to call for help at any time and from anywhere.

The Ally features an easy-to-use design with large buttons and a bright screen. It also has a built-in speakerphone for hands-free calling, an SOS button for emergency situations, and an automatic fall detector that will call for help if it detects that you’ve fallen.

Consumer Cellular APN Settings: Android | iPhone 5G 2022

Consumer Cellular APN Settings: Android | iPhone 5G 2022

If you’re looking to use Consumer Cellular with your own smartphone, you’ll need to configure the APN settings. These settings control how your phone connects to the cellular network, and they can be different for different carriers.

To configure the APN settings on an Android phone, you’ll need to go to the “Settings” app, then select “Mobile Networks,” and finally, “Access Point Names.” From there, you can add a new APN by clicking the “Add” button and entering the information for Consumer Cellular.

On an iPhone, the process is similar. You’ll need to go to “Settings,” then “Cellular,” and “Cellular Data Network.” From there, you can enter the APN information provided by Consumer Cellular.


1. Can I bring my own device to Consumer Cellular?

Yes! Consumer Cellular allows you to bring your own phone, whether it’s a smartphone or a flip phone. Just make sure it’s compatible with their network by checking the device compatibility tool on their website.

2. Does Consumer Cellular offer unlimited data plans?

No, Consumer Cellular does not offer unlimited data plans. However, they do offer a range of affordable plans with varying amounts of data included, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

In conclusion, Consumer Cellular is a top choice for senior citizens who want affordable phone plans and specialized features like the Ally personal emergency response device. While Tracfone is also a good option, the best choice ultimately comes down to individual needs and preferences. With the right carrier and device, seniors can stay connected with loved ones and feel more secure while out and about.