Consumer Cellular is a well-known mobile provider in the United States that is popular among seniors. The company positions itself as an affordable alternative to larger telecom operators and offers plans that start at $15 per month. One of the reasons why Consumer Cellular has gained such a following is due to its quirky and memorable advertising campaigns. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the brand’s most successful commercials and what makes them stand out.

The Sunday Dinner Commercial


One of Consumer Cellular’s most popular commercials is the Sunday Dinner ad. In this spot, an older couple is having dinner with their family and each person at the table is busy on their phone. The couple is dismayed by this and remarks that it’s not how things used to be. Suddenly, they pull out their own phones and join in on the fun, much to the delight of their grandkids. What makes this ad work is that it’s funny, relatable, and offers a solution to a real problem many families face – how to get everyone off their screens and spending quality time together. The audience for this commercial is likely older consumers who may be looking for ways to stay connected with their loved ones through technology.

Before Cell Phones Commercial

Consumer Cellular Before Cell Phones Commercial

In this commercial, Consumer Cellular takes a nostalgic look back at what life was like before cell phones. It shows people using pay phones, maps, and even asking for directions on the street. The message is clear- technology has made our lives easier, and Consumer Cellular wants to help seniors stay connected. The tagline “Helping you do your thing” reinforces Consumer Cellular’s mission to be a helpful and accessible mobile provider. This ad is effective because it taps into a common feeling of nostalgia and reminds viewers that they don’t have to feel left behind by technology just because they may not be as tech-savvy as younger generations.

The Farxiga Commercial

Farxiga Commercial

The Farxiga Commercial is an interesting example because it features a well-known brand (a medication used to treat type-2 diabetes) but also prominently features a Consumer Cellular phone. The commercial shows an older couple using the touch screen on their phone to track their daily steps and manage their health. It’s a great way to show how mobile technology can be used in practical ways to improve quality of life. One minor quibble with this commercial is that the phone is never mentioned by name, which seems like a missed opportunity to reinforce Consumer Cellular’s brand.

The I Like It: Holiday $20 Credit Commercial

Consumer Cellular I Like It: Holiday $20 Credit Commercial

This commercial is all about celebrating the holiday season, which is a smart choice for Consumer Cellular because many of their customers may be looking for ways to stay connected with their families during this time. The ad features a catchy jingle sung by an older couple, who are shown enjoying various holiday activities such as decorating, wrapping presents, and spending time with family. The message is simple- Consumer Cellular wants to make the holiday season even more enjoyable by offering a $20 credit to customers who sign up for the service. This is a clever and effective way to incentivize people to try out the company’s services.

Change Is Easy: Plans $10+ a Month Commercial

Consumer Cellular Change Is Easy Commercial

This commercial focuses on Consumer Cellular’s service plans and emphasizes the company’s flexibility and affordability. It shows various people going about their daily lives- working, exercising, and spending time with loved ones- all while using their Consumer Cellular phones. The message is that with Consumer Cellular, you can stay connected and enjoy the benefits of modern technology without breaking the bank. This is an effective ad because it highlights the company’s core value proposition and shows how it can fit seamlessly into people’s busy lives.


What sets Consumer Cellular apart from other mobile providers?

Consumer Cellular caters specifically to older consumers and offers plans that are affordable and easy to understand. They also have a commitment to excellent customer service, which can be especially important for seniors who may not be as comfortable with technology.

What is the audience for Consumer Cellular’s advertisements?

Consumer Cellular’s audience is primarily seniors, although the company has recently tried to expand its target market to include younger consumers as well. The company’s ads are designed to be relatable, funny, and emphasize the benefits of staying connected with loved ones.

Video: Consumer Cellular Sunday Dinner Commercial

Overall, Consumer Cellular’s advertising campaigns are effective because they tap into real problems that seniors face while also highlighting the benefits of their mobile service. By using humor, nostalgia, and relatable characters, the company is able to create memorable ads that resonate with its target audience. The brand’s commitment to customer service and affordable plans has helped it gain a loyal following, and it will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve its marketing strategy in the years to come.