Consumer Cellular Review: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Sign Up

Are you contemplating signing up for Consumer Cellular, but still unsure if it will meet your needs? We have got you covered! In this review, we will provide you with all the information you need to know before you sign up for Consumer Cellular. So, whether you’re looking for a new mobile carrier or just want to learn more about Consumer Cellular, keep reading!

1. What is Consumer Cellular?

Consumer Cellular is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that was founded in 1995. The company specializes in delivering low-cost wireless services to seniors who are on a budget. Consumer Cellular operates on two major national networks; AT&T and T-Mobile, and offers a variety of phone plans, including talk and text-only plans, and unlimited plans.

2. How does Consumer Cellular work?

As an MVNO, Consumer Cellular does not have its own network infrastructure. Instead, it buys network capacity from the leading network operators like AT&T and T-Mobile and then sells it to its customers at a low cost.

When you sign up with Consumer Cellular, you choose the base plan that fits your needs. You can add talk, text, and data, or whatever combination of these features you want. Consumer Cellular operates on a no-contract basis, so you can adjust your plan as you go.

3. Who is Consumer Cellular for?

Consumer Cellular is best suited for seniors who are on a budget but still require wireless services. The company’s focus is on providing affordable and easy-to-use mobile services to seniors.

However, it’s important to note that Consumer Cellular’s services are not limited to seniors. Anyone who is looking for an inexpensive mobile phone plan can sign up with Consumer Cellular.

4. What phone plans are available with Consumer Cellular?

Consumer Cellular offers a range of phone plans to cater to a variety of users. Here’s a breakdown of the plans:

Talk-only plans: This plan is ideal for seniors who only want a cell phone for emergencies or for simple communication. Prices start at $15 per month.

Connect plans: Connect plans come with talk and text features that are self-adjusting based on your usage history. These plans start at $20 per month.

Data plans: Data plans come with a set amount of data. Once you have used up your data, your connection will be slowed down.

Unlimited plans: Unlimited plans come with unlimited talk, text, and data. Prices start at $30 per month.

5. What features come with Consumer Cellular phone plans?

All Consumer Cellular phone plans come with free voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and three-way calling.

Consumer Cellular also has a variety of smartphone plans that come with free access to premium features like Wi-Fi calling, Wi-Fi network access, and data roaming. If you decide to use a smartphone plan, be sure to check the features included in it.

6. What are the benefits of using Consumer Cellular?

Consumer Cellular’s biggest advantage is the low cost of its plans. The company offers affordable mobile phone services to seniors on a budget.

Consumer Cellular is also known for excellent customer service. The company’s customer service representatives are trained to provide assistance with any issues ranging from billing problems to technical issues with your phone.

7. What are the disadvantages of using Consumer Cellular?

While Consumer Cellular offers low-cost phone plans, the company’s data plans may not be enough for heavy smartphone users. The data connection may become slow once you exceed the data limit.

Additionally, Consumer Cellular does not offer a wide range of smartphones. If you are looking for the latest high-end smartphone, you will need to purchase it elsewhere and bring it to Consumer Cellular.


Q: Can I keep my current phone number when switching to Consumer Cellular?
A: Yes, you can keep your current phone number when switching to Consumer Cellular. You will need to provide Consumer Cellular with your current account information so that they can transfer your number to their network.

Q: Does Consumer Cellular offer a trial period?
A: Yes, Consumer Cellular offers a 30-day risk-free trial period that allows you to test their services before committing to a plan.


Consumer Cellular offers affordable and easy-to-use mobile phone services to seniors on a budget. The company offers a range of phone plans that can suit different needs. However, the data plans may not be enough for heavy smartphone users. Furthermore, Consumer Cellular’s device selection is limited, and you may need to purchase a high-end smartphone elsewhere.

Consumer Cellular is a good option for seniors who want a low-cost mobile phone plan without compromising on reliability and excellent customer service. With Consumer Cellular, you can enjoy free premium features like Wi-Fi calling, Wi-Fi network access, and data roaming. If you are a senior on a budget, Consumer Cellular might be the best mobile phone company for you.