Welcome to the future of gaming! Rumors of Grand Theft Auto 6 have been circling for years, and we’ve finally got some intriguing developments to report. Rockstar Games is yet to officially announce the title, but thanks to insiders and leaks, we have some new details to share.

Leaks and Rumors of GTA 6

The latest leak suggests that the game will be set in Vice City, along with additional not-yet-announced locations. It could feature multiple protagonists and be set in multiple time periods. It’s likely to come with improved voice-work and cutscenes, with more natural character animations.


An anonymous source recently revealed some details about the title, citing Liberty City and a special type of mission structure. This means that players could move between Liberty City and Vice City, completing tasks or missions in each. The use of multiple protagonists has been backed up by an insider, who suggested that the game could be focusing on the three protagonists of Tommy Vercetti, CJ and Trevor Phillips. The 3 protagonists will be involved in an intertwining story, using their unique skills and attributes to achieve objectives.

GTA 6 Map Leaks

A supposed ‘leaked’ map of the game was posted on Reddit, only to be debunked quite quickly. Fans have identified the map as a collection of locations across Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V all in one. We can presume that if the game will be set in Vice City, the map may not be accurate. Another image of a purported San Andreas map was debunked as a 1998 game pitch.

GTA 6 Fake Map

4Chan has also posted some very interesting rumors about the game. One alleged leak suggested that the title could feature a massive open-world, with plenty of locations to visit and missions to complete. This would also include some immersive RPG elements, allowing players to customize the protagonist’s house and wardrobe. There were also a few details about the vehicles and even the return of gigantic sea monsters.

GTA 6 Leak

In terms of gameplay, GTA 6 could feature even more brutal combat, new ways to customize character, and further realistic interactions with other non playable characters. There may be a lucrative stock system, allowing players to invest in certain things, and a VIP Management mode. Players could build a reputation by completing missions, which would come with its own set of rewards. And, of course, we may get to see the return of heists.

GTA 6 4Chan Leak

The game may also feature a highly-detailed online mode, allowing players to engage in various activities such as shooting range competitions, vehicle racing, and open-world exploration. It’s likely to have its own progression system, with a unlocks and rewards similar to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Is Grand Theft Auto 6 Real?

There have also been some very convincing fake gameplay leaked online, suggesting that the game will feature graphics in 4K and up to 8-player co-op missions. The videos were actually from a modder who had taken parts of GTA sa and GTA V and created the footage to produce a fake version of the game. Unfortunately, it was all a hoax!

Fake GTA 6 Gameplay

Of course, the only way to know whether GTA 6 is real, or when we’ll see the title, is to wait for Rockstar Games to make an official announcement. Until then, all it’s left are rumors and insider knowledge.


  • Q: When will Grand Theft Auto 6 be released?
    A: We are yet to receive an official release date for Grand Theft Auto 6.
  • Q: Will Grand Theft Auto 6 have co-op missions?
    A: Leaks suggest that the game could feature up to 8-player co-op missions, though it’s yet to be confirmed.

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Grand Theft Auto 6 Map 'Leak' Debunked | Game Rant


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