When it comes to gaming, the highest level of performance on the market is from the Xbox Series X and Series S. With their impressive specs and features, these consoles are in high demand. As such, it only makes sense to take the necessary steps to keep them properly maintained. In this article, we’ll explain how to properly clean your Xbox Series X and Series S console, as well as provide some advice on the best setup practices for these systems.

Cleaning Your Xbox Series X and Series S Console

The process involved with cleaning your console is fairly straightforward. To start, you’ll want to turn off the system and disconnect any wired controllers and accessories. Then, take a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the outside of the console. Make sure to avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners as they may cause damage to the system. Additionally, be careful to not press too hard on the console, as this may also lead to issues.


When it comes to the internal components, it’s best to simply leave them alone. Opening up the insides of the console is not advised, as dust can get inside the system, leading to potential damages. Additionally, you should be careful with the buttons, as too much pressure may cause them to stick. For best practices, simply use a compressed air can to spray the inside of the system and remove any dust.

Advice from MSI on How To Set Up Your PS5 or Xbox Series S

MSI, one of the leading companies in gaming hardware, has also put out some advice for those setting up their new consoles. They suggest picking up a gaming monitor for the fullest experience. MSI’s gaming monitors are equipped with AMD FreeSync Premium, a function that works with the newest Xbox and PlayStation consoles to reduce input lag and keep you in the game. Additionally, they come with 144Hz refresh rates, which are ideal for FPS gaming.

You’ll also want to make sure your monitor is connected to your console properly. This means connecting the HDMI cable to the HDMI 2.1 port located on the back of the console, and making sure that the monitor’s refresh rate is set to the same value as the console.

msi gaming monitor setup

MSI also suggests investing in the proper peripherals, including the perfect mouse, keyboard, and even a gaming chair. Doing so will not only provide you with the utmost comfort while gaming, but will also give you a competitive edge by helping you stay focused on the game.

How to Clean Your Xbox Series X WITHOUT Opening it

As we mentioned previously, opening up the console to clean the internal components is not advised. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean the inside at all. To do so, simply take an air compressor and hold it from a distance of at least 30 centimetres away from the console. This will allow you to safely remove any dust build-up without risking any internal damages.

how to clean your xbox series x without opening it


Q: Is it safe to open the console to clean the internal components?

A: Unfortunately, no. Opening up the console may lead to dust getting inside and causing damages. The best way to clean the inside is by using an air compressor from a distance.

Q: What type of monitor should I use for my Xbox Series X or Series S?

A: We recommend investing in a gaming monitor that is equipped with AMD FreeSync Premium and a 144Hz refresh rate for the best gaming experience.

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Here's Some Advice from MSI on How to Set Up Your PS5 or Xbox Series S

Here's Some Advice From MSI On How To Set Up Your PS5 Or Xbox Series S

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