Explore the World of Get Ride! AM Driver


Get Ride! AM Driver is a Japanese anime series that depicts the adventures of a group of friends who ride powerful machines called “Rides” to save the world from evil forces. Are you a fan of anime? If so, you will love this series!

Learn About the Plot

Get Ride! AM Driver Anime Cover

  • The story takes place in a world called Futuristic City.
  • The main character, Toshi, dreams of becoming a Get Ride pilot.
  • He gets his chance when the city is attacked by the evil Gards-orm.
  • Toshi and his friends must use their Rides to stop the Gards-orm from taking over the world.

As the series progresses, Toshi and his friends encounter more challenges and have to fight harder enemies. The story is full of action, adventure, and friendship.

Meet the Characters

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  1. Toshi – The main character who pilots a blue Ride called Magma Driver.
  2. Ruka – Toshi’s childhood friend who pilots a yellow Ride called Gustav Driver.
  3. Jin – The team’s mechanic who pilots a red Ride called Judgment Driver.
  4. Maria – The team’s navigator who pilots a pink Ride called Echo Driver.
  5. Nachetanya – A mysterious girl who pilots a black Ride and joins the team later on.

Each character has a unique personality and skill set, making the group a strong and diverse team.

Discover the Rides

Get Ride! AM Driver Ride

  • Magma Driver – Toshi’s Ride that has the ability to transform into a motorcycle.
  • Gustav Driver – Ruka’s Ride that can generate powerful gusts of wind.
  • Judgment Driver – Jin’s Ride that has the ability to shoot lasers.
  • Echo Driver – Maria’s Ride that can create sound waves.
  • Black Bloom – Nachetanya’s Ride that can transform into a giant robot.

Each Ride plays a crucial role in the fight against the Gards-orm. The anime’s team has put a lot of thought into creating the unique design and abilities of each Ride.

Explore the World of Futuristic City

Get Ride! AM Driver World

  • Futuristic City is a high-tech metropolis that is powered by a mysterious energy source called High Altitude Reactor.
  • The city is divided into different districts, each with its own unique culture and atmosphere.
  • The main characters often travel around the city, exploring new areas and meeting new people.
  • The city is under constant threat from the Gards-orm, who want to destroy the High Altitude Reactor and take over the city.

The world-building in Get Ride! AM Driver is impressive and adds depth to the story and characters.

Enjoy the Soundtrack

Get Ride! AM Driver Soundtrack

  • The anime’s soundtrack features catchy and upbeat songs that complement the action-packed scenes.
  • The opening theme song, “Get Ride! Amdriver,” is sung by the voice actors of the main characters.
  • The ending theme song, “Silent Moon,” is a beautiful ballad that showcases the emotional side of the anime.

The music in Get Ride! AM Driver is one of the highlights of the series and adds to the overall enjoyment of the show.

Get Your Hands on the Merchandise

Get Ride! AM Driver Merchandise

  • The anime has a wide range of merchandise available, from action figures to clothing.
  • The Rides from the series have been turned into high-quality model kits for fans to build and customize.
  • The anime’s logo and character designs have also been used in various products.

If you’re a fan of Get Ride! AM Driver, you can show your support by collecting some of the merchandise available.


What age rating is Get Ride! AM Driver?

The anime is rated PG-13 for its action, violence, and some mild language.

How many episodes are in the series?

The series consists of 51 episodes, each lasting around 24 minutes.

Is there a second season?

No, there is only one season of Get Ride! AM Driver.

Is the anime available in English?

Yes, the anime has been dubbed in English and is available on several streaming platforms.

Who created Get Ride! AM Driver?

The anime was created by Studio Deen and aired in Japan from April 4, 2004, to March 27, 2005.


Get Ride! AM Driver is a must-watch for any anime fan. The series offers a compelling plot, likable characters, and impressive world-building. The Rides are also a unique and exciting addition to the show. The soundtrack and merchandise add to the overall enjoyment of the series. So why not give it a try?