How To Get Rid Of Fluorescent Lights

Fantastic Ideas for Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

How To Get Rid Of Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent light fixtures are commonly used in many homes or offices. They offer an excellent alternative to incandescent bulbs because they are energy-efficient and last longer. However, one downside to fluorescent lights is that they can look dull and unappealing. To revamp the look of your space, you might want to consider adding decorative fluorescent light covers.

What are decorative fluorescent light covers?

Decorative fluorescent light covers are overlays or filters that fit on top of existing fluorescent light fixtures. They come in a wide variety of designs, patterns, and colours, and they are an excellent way to improve the appearance of a room while masking the unattractive features of standard fluorescent lights. Not only do these light covers improve the aesthetics of a room, but they also provide a softer, more natural light source that creates a more comfortable and welcoming environment.

Where can you use decorative fluorescent light covers?

  • In offices or commercial spaces
  • If you are renting an office or have a commercial space that uses unappealing fluorescent lights, decorative covers can quickly elevate the look of your space and make it more attractive and professional-looking. By using brighter shades or even patterned covers, you can liven up the walls and create an ambiance for your clients and team.

  • In homes
  • Fluorescent lighting is also common in many homes such as laundry rooms, kitchens, and home offices. If you are looking to add some spice to your home spaces, decorative fluorescent light covers are a perfect solution. With a wide variety of patterns, colours, and designs, you can turn your kitchen into a contemporary space by installing geometric-patterned covers or make your laundry room more welcoming with soothing floral patterns.

  • In healthcare facilities
  • Lighting in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics is crucial for the well-being of patients and visitors. With decorative fluorescent light covers, you can create a calmer, more relaxing setting for patients and eliminate the sterile look of hospital lighting. You can opt for pink-toned covers that can reduce eye strain for patients, especially those with sensitive eyes.

What are some popular designs for decorative fluorescent light covers?

  • Skies or cloud designs
  • Skies or Cloud Designs

    One of the most popular designs for decorative fluorescent light covers is the sky or cloud design. By simulating the sky on the ceiling, a room can create a peaceful and calm atmosphere that reduces stress. Cloud designs give the illusion of infinite space and bring a touch of the natural world into your space, enhancing its overall ambiance.

  • Abstract designs
  • Abstract Designs

    Abstract designs are another popular option for decorative fluorescent light covers. With geometric shapes and various colours, creating an abstract design can give any room a trendy and modern feel. These patterns work well in office settings, waiting rooms, and also in homes with contemporary décor.

  • Landscapes
  • Landscape Designs

    Landscape designs are an excellent option for adding a natural feel to any space. With beautiful vistas of beaches, mountains, and forests, you can transform a boring or uninspiring room into an oasis of natural beauty. Also, you can create a more relaxed and stress-free environment by adding landscapes to office settings.

How to install decorative fluorescent light covers?

Installing decorative fluorescent light covers is easy and takes only a few steps:

  1. Start by removing the existing fluorescent tube from the fixture and clean the fixture surface.
  2. Next, remove the cover from the decorative fluorescent cover and align the cover with the fixture grooves.
  3. Insert the cover into place by sliding it gently in the grooves.
  4. Once the cover is in place, replace the fluorescent tube back into the fixture, and turn the power on.
What are the benefits of using decorative fluorescent light covers?

There are many benefits to using decorative fluorescent light covers in your home or office:

  • Improves the visual aesthetics of any room
  • Reduces eye strain and provides softer, more natural light;
  • Offers a cost-effective solution to renovating your space;
  • Easy to install and does not require professional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about decorative fluorescent light covers:

Question Answer
Can I install decorative fluorescent light covers myself? Yes. Decorative fluorescent light covers are easy to install and do not require professional assistance. You can follow the installation instructions provided with the covers and install them on your own.
What are the most popular designs for decorative fluorescent light covers? There are many popular designs for decorative fluorescent light covers, including skies or clouds, abstract designs and landscapes.
How do decorative fluorescent light covers work? Decorative fluorescent light covers work by diffusing and filtering the light emitted from the fluorescent bulbs, creating a softer, more natural light source. The covers are placed on top of the existing light fixtures and come in a variety of colours, patterns, and designs.
Are decorative fluorescent light covers safe? Yes. Decorative fluorescent light covers are safe to use and do not pose any health or fire hazards. They are made of high-quality materials that are resistant to heat and UV rays.


Decorative fluorescent light covers offer an excellent solution for those seeking to elevate the experience of their workspace, home, or healthcare facility. With a wide variety of colours, designs, and patterns, fluorescent light covers can provide the comfort and ambiance needed in any setting. Not only are they easy to install, but they also offer a cost-effective solution for those who do not want to spend a fortune on home or office renovations. So, why wait? Go ahead and select the design that best suits your style, personality, and preference and transform the look of your space today.