How to Get Rid of Honey Bees, Swarms and Hives in Your House


The sight of honey bees may seem beautiful to some, but it can be nerve-wracking for others, especially if they are swarming around your house or property. Honey bee infestations can pose a serious threat to our health and safety, not to mention the pain of a bee sting. If you are wondering how to get rid of bees from your house, then you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about the various methods that can be used for honey bee removal and how you can keep them from coming back.

Why is it Important to Get Rid of Honey Bees?

Honey Bee infestations can be a serious threat to our health and safety. While one or two bees may not cause much harm, a swarm can be dangerous. If someone in the house is allergic to bees, getting rid of a bee infestation can be essential. Even if a person is not allergic, after a certain limit, bee stings can be lethal. Also, honey bees can cause damage to your property. They can build hives in your walls and chimney, causing structural damage- which can be expensive to repair.

Signs of a Honey Bee Infestation

If you suspect a honey bee infestation, it is essential to identify it early on. Here are some signs that you should look out for:

  • You see bees hovering around your house.
  • You hear a humming sound coming from your walls or chimney.
  • You find dead bees on the floor or the windowsill.
  • You see honeycomb structures around your property.

DIY Honey Bee Removal Methods

You can remove honey bees from your house by using various methods. Here are some Honey Bee Removal techniques that you can try:

Smoke Method

You can use smoke to drive out honey bees from your house. Smoke makes the bees lethargic, making it easier for you to remove them. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Prepare a smoker with wood chips and light it up.
  2. Gather the necessary tools- A protective suit, headgear, torch, and a bee removal tool.
  3. Take out the beehive frame and start shaking it up.
  4. The bees will start panicking, and in the smoke-induced frenzy, they will move out of their hiding spots.
  5. Maintain distance from the bees
  6. Remove the bees with a bee removal tool
  7. Repeat the same process until all the bees are removed.

Water Method

The water method is a simple and safe way to remove bees from your house. The bees will be trapped in a container, and the water will drown them. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Find the beehive and cover it with a large garbage bag.
  2. Seal the bag with a rubber band and make a small hole at the bottom.
  3. Use a hose to fill the bag with water.
  4. The water will fill the bag, and the bees will slowly drown.
  5. Remove the bag with the water and bees and dispose of them properly.

Natural Honey Bee Repellents

There are several natural remedies that you can use to prevent honey bees from coming to your house. Here are some of them:

  • Citronella- The essential oil of Citronella can be used to repel honey bees. Mix equal parts of Citronella oil and water in a spray bottle and spray the mixture around your property.
  • Cinnamon- Honey bees dislike the strong smell of cinnamon. Sprinkle cinnamon around your property to keep the bees away.
  • Mint- Planting mint around your house can help repel bees. Bees don’t like the strong smell of mint, and it can keep them from swarming around your house.
  • Vinegar- Vinegar has a strong smell that can repel bees. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray your property with it.

Professional Honey Bee Removal Services

In case you are not comfortable with DIY Honey Bee Removal methods, Professional Honey Bee removal services are available. They use specialized equipment and tools to remove honey bees safely. Here are some situations where you should consider contacting professional honey bee removal services:

  • If you are allergic to bee stings
  • If you have children or pets
  • If you have a large bee infestation
  • If you cannot find the beehive
  • If you have tried DIY methods but the bees won’t go

How to Avoid Honey Bee Infestations

The best way to deal with honey bees is to avoid infestations in the first place. Here are some tips that can help you avoid honey bee infestations:

Seal Cracks and Holes in Your House

Honey bees often enter your house through cracks and holes. It’s essential to seal all the cracks and scuttle holes that lead to your house’s interior.

Remove Attractants

Honey bees are attracted to sweet and floral smells. Be mindful of what you leave lying around your house. Keep all the trash covered, and any sugary drinks should be kept in sealed containers.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Honey bees build their hives in trees, bushes, or under porches. Regularly trimming bushes and trees can discourage honey bees from nesting around your property.

Submit a Mothball around your property

Honey bees are repelled by naphthalene, which is an ingredient in mothballs. Putting a few mothballs in problem areas around your property can keep honey bees from swarming around your house.


Honey bees are essential for our ecosystem, and we should do everything possible to ensure their protection. However, when honey bees infest our living space, it can pose a threat to our well-being. Therefore, it’s essential to remove honey bee infestations as soon as possible. In this article, we talked about the various methods that can be used for honey bee removal and how to keep them from coming back. We hope that this article has been helpful in finding a solution to honey bee infestations and keeping your house safe and sound.


Q. Are honey bees dangerous?

A. Honey bees are not typically dangerous, but if they feel threatened, they may sting, which can cause pain or even an allergic reaction.

Q. How can you tell if you have a honey bee infestation?

A. You may spot clusters of bees or honeycombs around your property, hear humming sounds or see bees hovering in or around your house.

Q. Can honey bee removal be done by homeowners?

A. Yes, honey bee removal can be done by homeowners, but it can be dangerous. It’s better to call in a professional honey bee removal service.

Q. What are some natural honey bee repellents?

A. Citronella, Cinnamon, Mint, and Vinegar can all be used to repel honey bees naturally.

Method Pros Cons
Smoke Method Effective and efficient method Highly dangerous, should be done with caution
Water Method Simple and Safe Method May not work for large infestations
Professional Honey Bee Removal Services Experienced professionals who can remove honey bees safely Expensive, you need to choose a reliable service
Natural Honey Bee Repellents Safe and effective way of keeping bees away May not always be effective