Today, we bring you some exciting news from the world of mobile networks. T-Mobile, one of the big players in the US, is apparently planning to auction off Boost Mobile, a prepaid mobile service owned by Sprint. This possible move comes in anticipation of T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint and the need to alleviate concerns of a duopoly in the market.

Boost Mobile Up for Auction?


According to a report on TmoNews, T-Mobile plans to auction off Boost Mobile, which has around 7 million subscribers, in a bid to address any competitive concerns that may arise from the proposed merger. The move is part of the deal T-Mobile has struck with the US Department of Justice to gain antitrust approval for the proposed merger with Sprint. The report suggests that T-Mobile is not going to voluntarily divest of Boost, instead, it is going to sell the business to the highest bidder. T-Mobile hasn’t confirmed or denied the reports as of now.

As part of the agreement, Dish Network would takeover Boost Mobile’s entire business, which includes hundreds of retail stores, thousands of employees, and a significant network infrastructure. Dish Network would apparently pay an estimated $6 billion for Boost Mobile’s assets. This would include a seven-year wholesale agreement with T-Mobile, allowing Dish to use T-Mobile’s network across the country. This would help Dish to build out its own wireless network using T-Mobile’s infrastructure along with its own spectrum holdings. Notably, T-Mobile will have no part in how Dish operates Boost Mobile once the deal is completed.

New Plan for Boost Mobile Customers

Boost Mobile prepaid plan image

Boost Mobile has also recently debuted a new prepaid plan aimed at providing its Miami-based customers with better connectivity to Cuba. The new plan includes unlimited data, talk, and text both in the US and Cuba, as well as international calling to more than 50 other countries for just $60 per month. The plan is geared towards the sizable Cuban-American consumer base in Miami and is a strategic move by Boost Mobile to tap into a currently underserved market.

Boost Mobile is continuing to expand its business, while T-Mobile is looking to close a deal with Sprint. A key priority for these mobile networks is to provide their customers with better coverage and connectivity, all while keeping costs low. Both companies are constantly looking for ways to innovate and drive customer acquisition through new products and services as well as better network performance.

New Add-On for Boost Mobile Subscribers

Boost Mobile add-on image

Boost Mobile recently launched a new live sports add-on, called boostTV. For just $10 a month, subscribers can access live games across all four major US sports leagues – NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. The add-on also includes analysis, interviews, and other content. Subscribers can watch live games on their smartphones or tablet devices, making it perfect for on-the-go sports fans. The new add-on helps Boost Mobile to differentiate itself from other mobile providers by catering to sports fans, who are a considerable and dedicated segment of their audience.

Changes to Taxes and Fees on Boost Mobile Plans

Boost Mobile taxes and fees image

Recently, Boost Mobile also made some changes to the way it handles taxes and fees. In the past, the company used to include taxes and fees in the advertised monthly price of its plans. However, now the company is charging taxes and fees separately from the base cost of the plans. This means that the advertised price is lower, but subscribers will have to pay additional taxes and fees on top of the base cost. This change brings Boost Mobile in line with other major mobile carriers in the US, which have a similar approach.


What’s the difference between Boost Mobile and other mobile networks?

Boost Mobile is a prepaid mobile service that doesn’t have long-term contracts, credit checks, or activation fees. It relies on Sprint’s network, so it has nationwide coverage. However, in terms of network performance, it may not be as reliable as other big players like Verizon or AT&T. On the other hand, Boost Mobile focuses on providing affordable and flexible plans for consumers who prefer prepaid plans. It also caters to specific segments like sports fans or the Cuban-American community in Miami.

Will T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint be beneficial for Boost Mobile subscribers?

It’s too early to tell. T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint is a controversial issue, as it would lead to fewer players in the mobile network market. Boost Mobile’s fate is tied to the successful completion of this merger – if the deal goes through, Boost Mobile will be sold off to Dish Network. Dish would then have to invest and expand its own wireless network to compete with the other major carriers in the US. The acquisition could lead to better network performance or coverage, but it remains to be seen whether prices will remain as affordable as they are now or if there will be added costs for subscribers.

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As the mobile network market continues to evolve, companies like T-Mobile and Boost Mobile are constantly looking for ways to innovate and differentiate themselves. This includes offering new products and services, providing better network performance, and catering to specific customer segments. With T-Mobile’s proposed acquisition of Sprint and Boost Mobile’s new plan and add-on, it’s clear that these networks are focused on staying ahead of the competition and providing their customers with the best possible value and experience.

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