As digital art gains more traction, so does the hype around non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, this trend has left many digital artists disenchanted, with some even calling it a bubble that will inevitably burst. Enter MyMiniFactory, a platform that offers an alternative way for digital artists to monetize their work while avoiding the risks and drawbacks associated with NFTs.


MyMiniFactory is a community-driven platform that enables digital artists to sell their work in the form of 3D printable models. The platform was launched in 2013 as a way to make 3D printing more accessible to the general public, and has since grown into one of the largest repositories of 3D printable models on the web.

What sets MyMiniFactory apart from other 3D model marketplaces is its focus on quality and curation. Every model on the platform is curated by a team of experts to ensure that it meets MyMiniFactory’s high standards of quality and aesthetic appeal. This not only makes it easier for buyers to find high-quality models that they can trust, but also helps digital artists to stand out from the crowd and get their work noticed by potential buyers.

Digital ArtWhy MyMiniFactory is a better option than NFTs for digital artists

While NFTs have been touted as a revolutionary new way for digital artists to monetize their work, the reality is that they come with a number of risks and drawbacks that can be difficult to navigate. Some of the main issues with NFTs include:

  • Legal uncertainty: The legal status of NFTs is still unclear, and there is a risk that they may be deemed invalid or unenforceable in certain jurisdictions.
  • Market volatility: Like any speculative asset, the value of NFTs can be highly volatile, making it difficult for artists to plan for the future.
  • Environmental concerns: The energy consumption required to create and trade NFTs has been criticized as being highly unsustainable.

MyMiniFactory offers a more sustainable and reliable way for digital artists to monetize their work without the need for NFTs. By selling their work as 3D printable models, artists can tap into a growing market of 3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyists who are always on the lookout for new and interesting models to print.

Another advantage of MyMiniFactory is that the platform takes care of all the technical aspects of selling digital models, from securely hosting files to handling payments and delivery. This allows artists to focus on what they do best – creating high-quality digital art – while leaving the business side of things to MyMiniFactory.

MyMiniFactory YouTube ChannelVideo: MyMiniFactory Introduction

Watch this video from MyMiniFactory’s YouTube channel to learn more about how the platform works:

MyMiniFactory GitHubFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How does MyMiniFactory ensure the quality of the models on its platform?

Every model uploaded to MyMiniFactory undergoes a rigorous review process by a team of experts to ensure that it meets the platform’s high standards for quality and aesthetic appeal. Models that do not meet these standards are rejected, while high-quality models are promoted more prominently on the platform.

2. How does MyMiniFactory handle payments and delivery?

MyMiniFactory uses a secure payment platform to handle all transactions, and takes a commission on each sale to cover its costs. Once a buyer has purchased a model, they can download the file immediately from MyMiniFactory’s servers.

Overall, MyMiniFactory offers a compelling alternative to traditional digital art platforms and NFTs. By providing a curated marketplace for high-quality 3D printable models, the platform offers digital artists a way to monetize their work without the risks and drawbacks associated with NFTs. If you are a digital artist looking for a new way to monetize your work, MyMiniFactory is definitely worth checking out!

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MyMiniFactory · GitHub

MyMiniFactory could spare digital artists from the NFT hype train


MyMiniFactory could spare digital artists from the NFT hype train

MyMiniFactory - YouTube

MyMiniFactory – YouTube

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