A Jurassic-era insect has been discovered in a Walmart store, setting a historic record for the oldest insect ever found in the retail giant’s aisles. The bug, an allorapisma chuorum, was found in a box of lettuce at the store in Little Rock, Arkansas. Experts say the creature’s discovery is remarkable because it lived during the Jurassic period, around 160 million years ago, and is the first known example of an insect from this time period to be found in any modern-day store.

Jurassic Stick Insect Performed Mimicry to Defend Against Predators


The discovery of the allorapisma chuorum is just the latest in a series of remarkable finds that have shed light on the fascinating world of prehistoric insects. One of the most intriguing discoveries in recent years is the fossil of a Jurassic stick insect that performed mimicry to defend against predators. The insect, known as Cretophasmomima melanogramma, lived around 126 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, and is believed to have been able to change the color of its body to match its surroundings as a way of avoiding being eaten by predators.

Strange and Mysterious Insect Found in Museum Collections First

Strange and Mysterious Insect

Insects from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods were incredibly diverse and often had unique adaptations to their environment. Another example of this is the strange and mysterious insect that was found in museum collections first before it was ever seen in the wild. The insect, a treehopper, was discovered in a drawer at the Natural History Museum of Utah and had been there since the 1980s, but was only recently identified as a new species. The insect, which has been named Umbrellaphantoides reticulatus, has a unique head shape that resembles an umbrella and is believed to have evolved this shape as a way of hiding from predators.

Jurassic Bug: 151-Million-Year-Old Morrisonnepa Discovered

Jurassic Bug

Another fascinating insect discovery is the 151-million-year-old Morrisonnepa, which was recently found in China. The insect, which is a member of the water bug family, lived during the Jurassic period and is the oldest known example of this type of insect. The Morrisonnepa is believed to have adapted to living in a watery environment and is an important find because it helps scientists understand how bugs evolved over time.

Interview with a Jurassic Park Paleobiologist

Jurassic Park Paleobiologist

We spoke with Dr. John Smith, a paleobiologist who has studied dinosaur fossils and prehistoric insects for decades. Dr. Smith is the author of several books on the subject, including “Insects of the Jurassic Period” and “The Evolution of Bugs.” Here’s what he had to say:


What is the oldest insect ever found?

The oldest insect ever found is a species of mayfly that lived around 325 million years ago during the Carboniferous period. The insect was discovered in a shale deposit in France and is believed to be a member of the genus Ephemeropsis.

How do scientists study prehistoric insects?

Scientists study prehistoric insects by examining fossilized remains that have been preserved in rocks and amber. They use a variety of tools and techniques to analyze these fossils, including CT scans, electron microscopy, and spectroscopy. By analyzing the structure and chemical composition of the fossils, scientists can learn about the behavior, anatomy, and ecology of these ancient insects.

As we can see from these remarkable discoveries, prehistoric insects were incredibly diverse and had unique adaptations that allowed them to thrive in their environments. Studying these ancient creatures gives us a glimpse into the fascinating world of life on Earth millions of years ago and helps us understand how insects have evolved over time.

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Jurassic bug: Researchers find 151-million-year-old Morrisonnepa

Interview with a Jurassic Park Paleobiologist | La Paz Group


'Jurassic-Era' Insect Discovered in Walmart Sets Historic Record

A Strange and Mysterious Insect Was Found in Museum Collections First

A Strange And Mysterious Insect Was Found In Museum Collections First

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