Netflix and its critically acclaimed show, Stranger Things, have become the talk of the town. Fans the world over can’t seem to get enough of the gripping story line and well-developed characters. From Eleven to the Byers family, things are really taking off in this show that had its start in 2016. Whether you’re watching or re-watching the series, you’ll need a bit of of humour and insight. To bring you up to speed on the Stranger Things cast, characters and plot, let’s take a look at 47 ‘Stranger Things’ Memes.

Stranger Things Quote

This meme is from Season 1 where Hawkins Middle School belongs to the town of Hawkins, Indiana. It’s here we first meet Mike, Lucas, Will and Dustin, who get together to form the party we know so well. The meme is widely recognised and appeared in many of the show’s official clips. It’s a memorable part of the show, especially when this quote is uttered right after Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will’s first attempt to get closer to the mysterious lab.

2. five must watch series on netflix
5 Must Watch Series On Netflix

If you’re looking for more to watch on the streaming giant, here are five must watch series on Netflix. While it’s difficult to narrow down all the great shows, these are a few series you should add to your list. From crime dramas to sci-fi fantasy series, there is something for everyone.

  • Ozark – This show follows the Byrde family who move from Chicago to the Ozarks. While running a local business they discover just how serious they need to get in order to survive.
  • Mindhunter – This crime drama based on true events follows two FBI agents as they investigate and interview some of America’s most notorious serial killers. It tackles a unique perspective onSerial killers and their twisted minds.
  • The Crown – This show follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the lives of other members of the British royal family. It brings to light the struggles and challenges of the monarchy and how loyalty and trust can be fragile.
  • Stranger Things – As mentioned above, Stranger Things might just be Netflix’s most popular show. It follows the journey of nearly a dozen characters in the town of Hawkins Indiana, who, against all odds, join forces to save their small town from the terrifying monsters from the Upside Down.
  • You – You follows the story of a brilliant bookstore manager who begins to develop and intense obsession with an aspiring writer. It is a dramatic thriller that delves into issues like how obsessed we can become with social media and the pursuit of love.

3. stranger things teases spooky season 4
Stranger Things Teases Spooky Season 4 as Netflix Sets 2022 Premiere

The much-anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things is set to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2022. While the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, have remained tight-lipped about what’s to come, they have hinted at a spookier and scarier season. In a few of their social media posts, they have hinted at numerous new characters and storylines, while at the same time maintaining the dark and moody atmosphere that viewers have come to love.

4. stranger things season 4 updates
Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Cast and Updates!

Season 4 of Stranger Things is set to be released in 2022 and fans of the show can’t contain their excitement. As details of the cast and plot continue to pour in, we’ll finally get an answer to the show’s biggest mystery; what happened to Will Byers. In addition, we’ll also get to know more about two major characters, Robin and Steve, who we assumed were just supporting characters in Seasons 3 and 2, respectively, but will be promoted to series regulars for Season 4.

5. stranger things spin off
Stranger Things | Spin-off da série Stranger Things da Netflix pode

Uma das séries da Netflix mais populares é a famosa Stranger Things, a qual ganhou milhões de fãs ao longo dos anos. E agora, a grande notícia é que a Netflix também estaria desenvolvendo um spin-off sobre a série. O novo spin-off está sendo desenvolvido através de uma parceria entre a criadora da série original, Ginanadina Riccardi, e a Netflix. O spin-off tem como objetivo fornecer uma visão mais aprofundada sobre o universo de Hawkins, Indiana. Embora ainda não haja nenhum detalhe oficial sobre o spin-off, já se sabe que o mesmo segurará o mesmo espírito da série original, porém abordando todas as suas questões mais íntimas.

FAQ e Video Youtube

Para finalizar, vamos discutir algumas perguntas e respostas comuns sobre a série Stranger Things, além de dar uma olhada em um vídeo do Youtube!

Pergunta 1: Quais são os personagens principais da série?

Os personagens principais da série são Mike, Dustin, Will, Lucas, Eleven, Jonathan, Joyce, Hopper e Max.

Pergunta 2: Quais são as principais mensagens da série?

O show Stranger Things gira em torno da mensagem de valorização da amizade e da família. O show também presta homenagem ao legado de amizade de várias pestes de longa data, que buscam juntos uma aventura emocionante.

Vídeo Youtube

Confira este vídeo do YouTube sobre as principais lembranças e momentos do show Stranger Things:

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'Stranger Things' Teases Spooky Season 4 as Netflix Sets 2022 Premiere

Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Cast and Updates! - DroidJournal

5 Must Watch Shows On Netflix

Stranger Things | Spin-off da série Stranger Things da Netflix pode

Stranger Things | Spin-off Da Série Stranger Things Da Netflix Pode

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