Airbnb recently launched their new “OMG!” category, which features some of the world’s craziest and most innovative listings. To celebrate the launch of this new category, the company has also created a $10 million fund to support the creation of even more outrageous and unique accommodations. Here are some of the highlights from this new category:

Corner Getaway BnB, Washington, USA


The Corner Getaway BnB, located in Washington State, is a unique and cozy tiny home built on a limestone cliff. The home boasts stunning panoramic views of the ocean and Mount Baker, and features a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and shaded deck area.

Underground Bunker, Escalante, UT, USA

Underground bunker

The Underground Bunker in Escalante, Utah is a luxurious retreat built into the side of a mountain. The bunker is equipped with all the amenities of a modern home, including a full kitchen, bathroom, and living room. It also has a roof deck that provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Treehouse in the Sky, Bali, Indonesia

Treehouse in the Sky

The Treehouse in the Sky in Bali, Indonesia is a stunning accommodation that is built high up in a tree. This one-of-a-kind treehouse features a luxurious and spacious bedroom, bathrooms, and a private plunge pool.

These are just a few of the incredible listings that are a part of Airbnb’s new “OMG!” category. With the help of the company’s $10 million fund, we can expect even more innovative and unique accommodations to emerge in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airbnb’s “OMG!” category?

Airbnb’s “OMG!” category is a collection of the world’s craziest and most innovative accommodations. These listings push the boundaries of traditional travel accommodations and offer guests unique and unforgettable experiences.

What is the purpose of Airbnb’s $10 million fund?

The purpose of Airbnb’s $10 million fund is to support the creation of even more unique and innovative accommodations. The fund will be used to help hosts bring their wildest accommodation ideas to life and offer guests truly unforgettable experiences.

If you are looking for Airbnb OMG! Fund you’ve visit to the right page. We have 5 Images about Airbnb OMG! Fund like Airbnb launches $10M OMG! Fund for the world’s craziest listing ideas and also Airbnb launches $10M OMG! Fund for the world’s craziest listing ideas. Here you go:

Airbnb OMG! Fund

OMG, Airbnb now has an 'OMG!' category - and here are 10 highlights

airbnb's $10M OMG! fund will help architects build outrageous dwellings


Airbnb launches $10M OMG! Fund for the world’s craziest listing ideas

Airbnb Launches $10M OMG! Fund For The World’s Craziest Listing Ideas

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