Christmas beetles are fascinating creatures that have captured the attention of scientists and casual observers alike. With their brightly colored shells and unique characteristics, they are a one-of-a-kind addition to the animal kingdom.

The Search for the Missing Christmas Beetles


With Christmas quickly approaching, many Australians are disappointed that there hasn’t been any sightings of the beloved Christmas beetle. Dr. Fiona Hogan, a biologist from Melbourne University, is hoping to solve this mystery once and for all.

According to Dr. Hogan, the Christmas beetle is an iconic Aussie creature that typically emerges around the holiday season. They are named for their green and gold coloration, which resembles the traditional colors of Christmas. However, in recent years, sightings of the Christmas beetle have been few and far between.

Dr. Hogan and her team have been conducting research and fieldwork to discover why the Christmas beetle has been missing Christmas. They have been collecting data on the beetle’s habitat, feeding habits, and environmental conditions to better understand their behavior.

The Diversity of Christmas Beetles

Christmas beetles

The Christmas beetle is actually a family of beetles that includes over 35 different species. While the green and gold coloration is the most well-known, some species have different colorations, such as red or purple. The size and shape of the beetle can also vary greatly, with some species being large and robust, while others are small and delicate.

Despite their diverse appearances, all Christmas beetles can be identified by their flattened bodies, antennae, and distinctive legs. They often have a metallic sheen to their shells, which is created by microscopic ridges in the outer layer of their exoskeleton.

The Importance of Christmas Beetles

Christmas beetles

Christmas beetles play an important role in their ecosystems, as they are not only pollinators but also a source of food for other animals. Their larvae live in soil and feed on the roots of plants, which can help to aerate and fertilize the soil. The adult beetles feed on nectar and pollen and can help to pollinate flowers.

Unfortunately, the populations of some Christmas beetle species have been declining in recent years. This may be due to habitat loss, climate change, or other environmental factors. By studying the Christmas beetle, scientists hope to gain a better understanding of the impacts of these factors on insect populations and ecosystems as a whole.

A Strong Belief in Wicker: Christmas Beetles

Christmas beetle

Despite their scientific significance, Christmas beetles are also a beloved cultural symbol in Australia. They are often featured in art and literature, such as the classic Australian children’s book “The Very Best of Friends” by Margaret Wild.

One of the most interesting facts about Christmas beetles is their attraction to wicker furniture. There have been many stories of swarms of Christmas beetles descending on outdoor furniture, covering it in a glittering mass.


Q: What is the life cycle of a Christmas beetle?

A: Christmas beetles go through a complete metamorphosis, meaning they have four distinct stages of life: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The eggs are laid in soil, and the larvae live underground and feed on plant roots. After a few months, the larvae pupate and transform into adult beetles, which emerge from the soil in the summer months.

Q: Do Christmas beetles bite?

A: Christmas beetles are not known to bite humans, and are generally harmless. However, they have been known to cause damage to crops and plants in large numbers.

Overall, the Christmas beetle is a fascinating and important creature that deserves our attention and protection. By studying these insects, we can gain a better understanding of the natural world and learn how to better conserve it for future generations.

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35 Species of Christmas Beetles - Drive-Bye Pest Exterminators

A Strong Belief in Wicker: Christmas Beetles

Holiday hunt: Australian scientist seeks out missing Christmas beetles

Australian scientist seeks out missing Christmas beetles

Australian Scientist Seeks Out Missing Christmas Beetles

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