11 Weird Windows Bugs and Easter Eggs You Have to See

When it comes to Easter Eggs – those secret environments, menus, or messages built into programs to surprise and delight users – no one does them quite as well as Microsoft. The software giant has been peppering their products with Easter Eggs since 1985, and the tradition continues to this day.

Windows 10 is no exception. They’ve come up with some real gems that are hidden away waiting to be discovered. Here are 11 of the weirdest Windows Bugs and Easter Eggs you should check out.


The first and most prominent Easter Egg on Windows 10 is the animated “flying Windows logo” that appears on your screen when you type winver in the search bar. It’s a subtle nod to the past, and perhaps even a joke about Windows’ evolution.

Another hidden surprise is the classic Snake game. It’s tucked away in the Windows 95 emulator released as part of the Anniversary Update, along with a collection of other amazing Easter eggs like Snowdoge and Pipes. Just search “Windows 95” in the start menu and launch the emulator to play the game.

Windows Easter Eggs

If classic arcade games are more your style, you might want to check out the Microsoft Rapture 3D Pinball game. You can find it by typing “pinball” in the search bar. It’s a great twist on the classic table game, and it’s incredibly realistic.

The Easter eggs don’t stop there. Microsoft also made sure to include a few more subtle surprises, such as the “Where’s the pets?” game. Just type “WheresThePets” in the search bar and you’ll be taken to a mini-game where you have to find the lost pets. It’s a perfect way to while away a few minutes (or hours!) at your desk.

Large Easter eggs

Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try out “The Island of Doctor Grace”. It’s a secret part of Windows 10 that is unlocked by entering a mysterious command into the search bar. You won’t find out what the command is… you’ll just have to stumble onto it by accident. If you do, you’ll be taken to the island where you can explore the strange environment and discover its secrets.

Windows 10 Easter Eggs

These are just a few of the weird Windows Easter Eggs that you should check out. Microsoft has done an excellent job of making their products fun and interesting, and these Easter Eggs are a perfect example of that. So make sure to take some time and check them out – you won’t be disappointed.

Microsoft Office Easter Eggs

Even Microsoft Office isn’t exempt from the Easter Egg treatment. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all have hidden surprises that you can discover. Some are animations, some are games, and some are just funny references to classic movies or pop culture. All you need to do is type “Office Easter Eggs” into the search bar and you’ll find all the information you need.

Once you’ve discovered all the Easter eggs, you’re likely to wonder why Microsoft even bothers with them. Is it just for fun? Does it provide some kind of business benefit? In truth, Easter eggs are a great way for companies to inject a bit of fun into their products. They make users smile, and in turn, become more engaged with the product and more likely to recommend it to friends and family.

Easter eggs were created out of love and to give users something fun to explore. They’re proof that even a piece of software can be light-hearted and enjoyable. So next time you come across an Easter egg, take a moment to appreciate this unique piece of software engineering and have a little fun.


What are Windows Easter Eggs?
Windows Easter Eggs are secret environments, menus, references or messages which have been built into the Windows programs to surprise and delight users.

What are the best Easter eggs in Windows 10?
The best Easter eggs in Windows 10 include the flying Windows logo, the classic Snake game, Microsoft Rapture 3D Pinball game, the “Where’s the pets” game and “The Island of Doctor Grace”.

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