For android and PC gamers, V Rising has introduced a new element called Whetstone, which can be used to build new weapons and during certain missions. But what is Whetstone and where do you get it in V Rising? This comprehensive guide will help you understand everything you need to know about Whetstone and how to get it.

What Is Whetstone?

Whetstone is a resource in V Rising that is used to build new weapons, synthesize powerful catalysts, or unlock new abilities. It can also be used to purchase new upgrades for your weapons and armor. It is a vital resource for the various missions and challenges you’ll encounter throughout the game.

Where To Get Whetstone In V Rising

Whetstone can be obtained in several ways. Here is a list of all the sources of Whetstone in the game:

  • As drops from enemy mobs
  • As drops from picking up secret items
  • As rewards from mission completion
  • As rewards from challenges
  • As rewards for leveling up
  • From shops
  • From faction vendors

Using Whetstone in V Rising

Once you have gathered the required amount of Whetstone, you can begin building weapons, or unlocking new abilities or upgrades. To do this, open the game’s crafting menu and select the appropriate option. You will then be able to craft the desired item using the Whetstone.


Is Whetstone the only resource in V Rising?

No, Whetstone is just one of many resources in the game. Other resources include coins, crystals, gems, diamonds, and other materials.

Can I sell Whetstone?

No, Whetstone cannot be sold. It is only used to craft weapons and upgrades, or to purchase items from vendors.


As any V Rising player knows, Whetstone is one of the most important resources in the game. Finding and gathering Whetstone can be a challenging task, but with this comprehensive guide you should now be able to find, gather, and use Whetstone efficiently.

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