Boost Mobile: Providing Low-Cost Cell Phone Plans

Boost Mobile is a prepaid mobile phone service provider that offers some of the most affordable cell phone plans in the market. The company provides affordable solutions for customers who are looking for mobile services without binding contracts. Boost Mobile offers a wide range of phones that customers can choose from, including leading brands and low prices. The company also provides coverage across the United States through the Sprint LTE network.

In this article, we will discuss Boost Mobile’s services and provide a rundown of their offerings. We also include two frequently asked questions and their respective answers. Let’s start with an overview of Boost Mobile’s history.

Boost Mobile’s Origins

Boost Mobile was founded in 2000 by Peter Adderton as a wireless phone service provider geared towards prepaid plans. The company sprouted from a group of investors that wanted to change the way wireless phone services were provided.

Initially, Boost Mobile’s target market was urban youth markets who needed low-cost options for mobile phone services. The company hit a wall in its early years, however, because it couldn’t access the major mobile networks; as a result, Boost Mobile teamed up with Sprint to offer its customers excellent coverage.

Boost Mobile then slowly expanded its reach across the United States, making it the fourth largest mobile phone service provider in the country. The company has been in business for over 20 years, and it remains to be one of the most affordable wireless carriers in the market today.

Boost Mobile’s Plans

Boost Mobile has several plans that suit customer needs, including family plans, individual plans, and data-only plans. Among these plans are:

1. Unlimited Plans

Boost Mobile’s unlimited plans have been one of the most popular plans for years. These plans are ideal for customers who use their phones heavily and require a continuous data supply. Boost Mobile boasts speeds of up to 4G LTE and lets customers stream videos and listen to music without restrictions. Unlimited plans start at $50 per line.

2. Family Plans

Customers who would like to get more than one line for their phones can sign up for the family plans. These plans offer coverage to up to four lines, with unlimited data, talk, and text. Boost Mobile’s family plans start at $100 a month.

3. International Plans

Boost Mobile has international plans that cater to customers who travel frequently or need to make international calls from the United States. The company offers calling plans for over 60 countries globally, including Canada, Mexico, and China, starting at $5 per month.

Boost Mobile’s Coverage

Boost Mobile offers coverage across the United States, thanks to its partnership with Sprint. The coverage is quite reliable, boasting high-speed data and consistent signals that allow customers to use their phones without issues.

In areas where Sprint has put LTE coverage, Boost Mobile offers the same speeds, making it an ideal low-cost option for users looking for reliable wireless services.

Boost Mobile’s Devices

Boost Mobile boasts a wide range of devices, from the latest smartphones to basic flip phones. Customers can choose from a range of top-tier brands such as Samsung, Apple, and LG, among others. Boost Mobile offers financing options for customers who wish to acquire the latest models without breaking the bank.

Boost Mobile also lets customers go wireless with their Hotspot devices, which work through Sprint’s LTE network. These devices offer high-speed internet that customers can use anywhere, from their homes to public parks.

Boost Mobile’s Customer Support

Boost Mobile has customer service that is known for being friendly and helpful. Customers can reach out to the company through phone calls or live chats, and customer service representatives are available seven days a week.

The company’s website is also a great resource for customers who wish to troubleshoot issues on their own. Customers can also enroll in automated payments or access their bill statements through the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my own phone to Boost Mobile’s network?

A: Yes, Boost Mobile supports the Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program. Customers who bring their own devices get to enjoy the same coverage and plans as Boost Mobile’s regular customers.

Q: Can I watch YouTube videos on Boost Mobile?

A: Yes, customers who have the unlimited data plans can stream videos and music without restrictions. Boost Mobile also works with YouTube to offer free mobile data usage for customers who watch YouTube through the app.

Video: Boost Mobile – The New Normal

In this video, Boost Mobile showcases how their wireless services cater to customers who are adjusting to the new normal. The video highlights how Boost Mobile’s convenient and affordable plans help customers stay connected to their loved ones, no matter where they are.


Boost Mobile has come a long way since its establishment in 2000. The company provides reliable and affordable wireless services for customers across the United States through its partnership with Sprint. Boost Mobile has a wide range of plans, devices, and customer service options for customers who are looking for mobile services without contracts.

In summary, Boost Mobile is an excellent choice for customers who need low-cost plans with reliable coverage. With its BYOP program, customers can easily switch to Boost Mobile’s network and enjoy the same plans and benefits as regular customers. Additionally, Boost Mobile’s customer service is friendly and helpful, making the company a reliable partner for all mobile phone needs.

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